Overheating in Dogs: What to Do

Public Service Announcement:

It’s HOT outside. Here’s a really helpful “hack” for summer activities with dogs!

cool your dog down on a hot day

Overheating is a potential problem for any dog, but it is a BIG DEAL for greyhounds, so I’ve (unfortunately) dealt with it a lot here in the Southeast. They get hot easily, and things can get very bad, very fast. Pay close attention to your dogs if you are out in the heat. Don’t wait until they start to show signs of overheating. Be proactive about keeping your dogs cool. Fans are great, but water works faster than air alone.

I have a one gallon garden spot sprayer that I bring with me to any outdoor activities. A half gallon sprayer will work just as well. I fill it with water and some ice to keep it cool. This is a great way to have a portable substitute for a hose!

Most important spots to cool first:
Inside of back legs
Sides of ribcage
Underside of neck

DO NOT spray the dog’s back or head unless you will be in the shade.

In an emergency, rubbing alcohol cools even faster than water. This should only be used as a last resort.

I also keep a box fan in my truck and a 200 amp inverter so I can run it from a 12v outlet.

I hope this helps! Keep summer activities safe and cool, and keep playing outside!

hot dogs