Infographic: How to Turn a 6ft Leash into a No Pain, No Pull Harness

I’ve found that a plain ol’ leash makes a better training tool than any of the harnesses or haltis on the market. No need to spend money if you already have what you need!

Here are three ways to turn your leash into a no pain, no pull harness:
  1. Drape the excess leash below the dog’s chest in front of the legs.
  2. Loop the leash under the chest and up through the collar.
  3. Loop the leash under the dog’s chest and back up over itself.
Happy Walking!!


How to Properly Use a Dog Collar: Do This, Not That

Here’s a really simple trick that all dog people should know. This trick is particularly helpful if you have a sighthound-type dog with a small head relative to body size, but can benefit all dog owners.

So here’s the trick to use if your dog tries to bolt or back out of the collar:

Pull down on the leash, not up, to position the D ring correctly.

The instinct is to pull up on the leash when a dog pulls backwards. Don’t do it! The top part of the collar will come right over the top of the ears. Even martingale collars and other choke collars can come off this way. Pull the leash down, and the collar will get caught behind the ears and stay in place.

Remember: pull down, not up!

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